Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property is defined as buildings or land that is used for business activities in order to generate an income or profit. They can be categorised under retail, office and industrial. Retail includes shops and restaurants and industrial includes factories and warehouses.

Commercial Property Insurance Covers

Property Owner Liability

This protects you against claims for third party personal injury or property damage for which you as a property owner are responsible. The most common claims we see against property owners.


Covers your building against events like fire, earthquake, lightning, storms, floods, impact, malicious damage, and explosion.


Covers you if a person breaks into your premises (or the premises you own) and steals your contents, equipment etc.


Cost to replace internal or external glass that is damaged or broken due to an insured event.

Busienss Interruption/Loss of Rent

Covers lost rental income if you are unable to lease your commercial property due to an insured event such as a fire, storm, impact or accidental damage.

What Benefits Ideal Brokers Brings to You?

Ideal Brokers ensure to minimise your impacts on your commercial property. Ensure you have a plan to protect your property and get yourself covered for incidents.

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