Landlord insurance

Landlord Insurance covers you for damage or loss that financially impacts your residential or commercial investment property. The policy covers the replacement or repair as a result of events including fire, theft or natural disasters as to damage caused by tenants or their guests.

Damage Caused by Tenants

Tenants may cause damage to your rented out property, but we have got you covered for that loss under landlord insurance policy.

Glass Breakage

Glass is always an expensive and prone to break material. Should you have installed it in your property, insuring it is a good idea to cover for loss in case of breakage.

Theft and Burglary

Potential financial loss can occur in case of burglary and theft events. To get peace of mind and coverage for loss, insure your with landlord insurance policy


Natural Disasters

Natural disaster always cause risk and huge loss to different entities. Have your property insure and cover for loss incase of natural disaster.

Also Cover Damage Caused By


Malicious Damage

This will cover you for loss or damage to the items you’ve left behind for use by your tenants- Carpets, Curtains, Furniture etc.

Rent Default

Cost to repair or replace your rental property building due to damage or loss caused by severe weather, fire, and more.

Definition of Cues

Loss of net rental income for the period your investment property is uninhabitable due to an insured event.

Why have Landlord Insurance?

Residential landlord insurance covers your investment property whether it be a unit or house. The good news is that landlord insurance premiums are generally tax deductible due to it be classified as an investment expense.

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