Commercial Motor

Commercial motor insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that is intended to provide cover for unintentional damage to your business motor vehicle or unintentional damage to a third party motor vehicle or third party property that is caused by your business motor vehicle.

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Having multiple vehicles on the one commercial motor fleet policy is beneficial. Our Brokers have the knowledge and experience to design a fleet management solution for your business.

Commercial Motor

As we know the transport industry keeps Australia moving. With all that time on the roads, truck Insurance is a policy you need to have to be protected from the astronomical costs associated with accident on the roads.

Public Liability

We understand that there are lots of risks and exposures that come with working in the transport industry. Products liability insurance assures you of cover for legal and compensation costs if there are property damages to third parties or you.

Marine Cargo Cover

This cover is available to carriers who can choose from either a ‘comprehensive’ level of cover or a more ‘defined’ cover for specific events such as fire, flood, or theft.

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